The United Food and Commercial Workers Canada Union Local 401 is the Casino Union!

Casino workers are very skilled employees that typically do not ask for much from their Employer. Employees are asking their employer for three simple requests: fair wages, benefits, and a fair and respectful environment. Many casino employees have been in the industry for years, and are now being treated unfairly in these mentioned categories.

We have been able to obtain the richest Union Contracts in the Province with one of the largest Casinos operators in Western Canada. We are working toward getting all casino workers across Alberta a fair Union Contract. In 2018 the Elbow River Casino in Calgary joined UFCW Local 401 and received significant increases to wages, gratuities, and rights by negotiating their very first collective agreement.

Below you have a look at all three of the Union Contracts that are in place at UFCW Local 401 casinos. They include the Starlight Casino at West Edmonton Mall, and the Grand Villa Casino, which is part of the Ice District in downtown Edmonton, and the Elbow River Casino in Calgary. You will find all the Collective Agreements to have clauses that are very straight forward. Others might use legal terms or might need to be read with other clauses or the agreement as a whole. If you have any questions about interpreting or the meaning of these agreements, please feel free to contact us confidentially at 403-291-1047.


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