Optimism Fuels Elbow River Employee Unionization Application at the Alberta Labour Relations Board

Majority of Gaming Employees Speak Up!

On Friday, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 401 made an application to unionize the ‘Registered Gaming Employees’ of the Elbow River Casino. We are pleased to announce that the application was not based on “bare bones” support, or the minimum required by Alberta law. It was, instead, founded on the fact that a MAJORITY of the affected employees have applied for membership in the Union. Supporters are thrilled and full of optimism and hope for positive change at the casino!

Haters Gonna Hate

The optimism has not been dampened by a handful of haters. There’s always going to be a handful of employees who will ‘sell out’ others to get ahead. They’ll nuzzle up to management. It’s just going to happen. There is something wrong with everything they say.

Haters gonna hate.

Unfortunately, a bit of this has started to ooze. But the glass isn’t half empty, it’s over one half full! Did you know that the unionized employees at Gateway Casinos in Edmonton significantly improved their benefit plans in their last contract? They have paid sick days, and a 100% employer paid Short Term Disability plan! It costs those unionized employees nothing! Before the pouters try to crash our party, they should do their research! There’s a reason management and their puppets don’t always want employees to have a union… That’s because management is going to have to SHARE!

Sharing and Optimism

Sharing the wealth and privileges of the gaming industry is all the gaming employees are looking for. Don’t let anyone ruin your chance for a fair share. There is every reason for optimism. There is every reason for hope. Vote ‘yes’ and join a smiling majority.

Some Important Facts

  • A recent Labour Board posting went up at the workplace. To be clear, it does not notify employees of a vote. Instead, it refers to the date of a POSSIBLE hearing. Often, there is no hearing in a matter like this.
  • The Labour Board, through the work of one of its officers, will issue a report. If there is nothing contentious in the report, there likely won’t be a hearing.
  • There will likely be a vote in the coming weeks. The report referred to will recommend dates and a location for that vote. Again, be reminded that the employer will not find out who joined the Union. Also, the vote will be a secret ballot vote, and no one will know how you voted unless you tell them.
  • There is every reason to be optimistic. A majority of the employees supported the unionization application. Initial indicators are that an even stronger majority could vote ‘yes’ for the Union. This is actually important, because the stronger the majority, the stronger the message we can send to the employer that a good contract must be negotiated by them.
  • Take the haters for who they are. They’ll often pass anonymous notes, not having the courage to stand up and identify themselves. But, when they see the wave of support they’ll come on board! Now that they know about majority support they are already hedging their bets, no doubt. A tiny group of haters can make a lot of noise. Remember, however, that even a quiet majority will win the day!
  • Vote ‘yes’ and let’s go to the bargaining table! If you vote ‘yes’ Elbow River management will be required by law to be at that table.