Over the past 5 months or so, employees from the Elbow River Casino have been talking to each other about forming a Union. In the simplest of terms the main reason has been based on the hope for a better future. Employees hope for better working conditions. Employees hope for better wages and benefits. Employees hope for a more respectful workplace, and recognition of their professional abilities.

Great conversations have taken place already.

The UFCW Local 401 has been helping employees to talk about these issues and to engage them in hope for the future. This has been tricky and time consuming. The law guarantees and protects your right to support and to have a Union. However, it does not go so far so as to allow union organizers to meet with you at work on working time. So we have had to speak to people one on one, department by department. Hundreds, if not thousands of conversations have occurred. But it has been hard to get to everyone.

We apologise if we have not been able to stay in constant touch with every individual. Recent conversations however have made it clear that hope is on the horizon. Core support is solidifying in the gaming areas of the casino. In fact, these employees seem ready to lead the charge. Employees in other departments are, of course, invited to join.

There is a real chance that employees will have a secret ballot vote soon. It would be conducted by the Labour Board. It is a secret ballot and your employer will never know how you voted.

Elbow River employees are creating history!

This has never occurred in the entire history of the casino. Voting ‘yes’ means you will bring democracy to your workplace, and have a united voice! There will be hope for a better future. If you vote no, there will be no reason for hope, or to believe in a positive future. Management will continue to have the largely unrestricted right to define your world for you. You will have lost your one opportunity to stand up for yourselves and each other.

Vote for change, vote for hope, and vote for a better future.