Fact from fiction

Fiction = I will lose my bonus when I join the union.

Fact = Regardless of your participation in a union your bonus is given at the whim of Loblaws and can be taken away at any time they choose – which they have in the past to many supervisors. But to take away a bonus due to participation in a union is illegal.

Fiction = Union dues are a waste of money.

Fact = Guaranteed rights like double time pay for time worked on stat holidays, overtime provisions for time worked over 8 hours/day or 37 hours/week, numerous health benefits, and employer paid pension contributions for union members are just a few things that
offset those tax deductible union dues.

Fiction = I get to make my own schedule.

Fact = Supervisors typically work more hours than their scheduled shift. With a union, you get to go home at the end of your shift, or paid  overtime for any time over your shift.

Fiction = The company cares about my work/life balance.

Fact = If they cared about that, they would celebrate your participation in your union and negotiate fairly with you on quality of life issues like paid training, job security, dignity and respect, seniority rights, fair complaints procedures, regular pay increases, health and safety, and union representation in the workplace.

Fiction = I don’t need a union; the company will take care of me.

Fact = #1 They don’t even want to pay you for all your time worked. They are not taking care of you. #2 You and your co-workers are the union; ‘the union’ is actually you looking out for and supporting each other and that’s always a beautiful thing.

Being a member of 401 means YOU have a say and YOU are protected.

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