Join the Casino Workers Union

It’s actually easy to unionize your workplace. There are just a few simple steps:

  1. Contact a union organizer and speak to them confidentially.
  1. Sign a union membership petition. It costs you nothing! Your bosses and your company will never know unless you tell them.
  1. The Labour Board will add up the total number of membership cards and if at least 40% sign up, there will be a secret ballot vote to determine all of the employees wishes. Remember all of the names of the people that have signed are confidential and the Labour Board does not tell the Employer who has joined or participated.

We are the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401. We specialize in representing employees who provide customer service and work in the service industries. We have become the union of choice for casino workers and have considerable expertise in assisting people just like you who are concerned about their wages, benefits, and fairness in the workplace.

Alberta Law and Canadian Law clearly and absolutely protects your right to join a union. Everyone from teachers to social workers, nurses to grocery store workers have unions. It is your right and if your employer breaks the law we will “prosecute” them to the greatest degree possible.

To contact us confidentially you can call us at 403-803-4270 or email us at